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Frequent appearances on Bloomberg,
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CEO Bruderman Brothers LLC




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Bruderman Brothers




Weekly co-host for Money Matters with Gray Goldberg featured on WOR (710AM)

CEO Bruderman Brothers LLC




Author of Immigrants: Unleashing the Economic Force at our Door

Professional Financial Advisor
I am the CEO of Bruderman Brothers LLC and Bruderman Asset Management, a registered Investment Advisor overseeing over $1 billion in client assets. Bruderman Brothers is a New York based, privately owned broker-dealer, whose business segments consist of advisory, investment management, investment banking, merchant banking, and consulting services. I am a tri-lingual financial services executive with over 20 years of industry experience.

Before becoming Chief Executive Officer of Bruderman Brothers and prior to my tenure as the President of companies’ subsidiary GGFS, I worked for venerable firms such as Neuberger Berman and PaineWebber. I am a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and a monthly participant in the New York Federal Reserve Business Leader’s Survey. I combine my practical experiences with a strong academic background holding an undergraduate degree from Bentley University and having taken graduate level courses at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

As a frequent contributor to CNBC and Fox Business and a regular columnist for Forbes and The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, I am a recognized authority on global affairs and investment policy. I work with entrepreneurs through my role on the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs and my participation in the EY World Entrepreneur Forum. Additionally, I am the author of “Immigrants: Unleashing the Economic Force at our Door” and live in CT with my wife and 2 dogs.

Immigrants: Unleashing the Economic Force at our Door
*Second Edition Releasing Late 2017

Financial Advisor

“Americans are worried about their future, the future of their country and what is in store for their children. The news is dominated by debate over rising taxes, lower social security benefits, increased government spending, higher tuition cost and how immigrants, legal and illegal, are impacting our quality of life. Americans want an end to partisan politics, lies and exaggerations; they want answers. In this book, I will detail where our economy is heading and the impact current immigration policies are having on our nation. I will share some powerful stories, and most importantly, I will share with you specific, proven strategies employed by businesses worldwide, that if implemented by our government will ensure that America remains great and flourishes in the 21st Century. Immigrants: The Economic Force at our door is a revealing look at the economic impact of our current immigration policies, who is benefiting from them, and why it is hurting America. Without taking a political position, I detail what the impacts of our current immigration policies are having on social security spending, unemployment, social services and demographics in our country. This book provides the opportunity to review all of the facts, including the most likely outcome of ‘doing nothing.’ More significantly, I propose several solutions, that if implemented correctly are designed to reduce short-term and long-term unemployment trends in the United States, relieve some of the financial pressure on our decaying Social Security Administration as well as increasing entrepreneurialism and capital flows in America.” – Oliver Pursche





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